Calls From Motivated Sellers,

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Calls From Motivated Sellers,

Without Ads!

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and Siri

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Get Clients Calling YOU
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We're the only company to give you all 5 keys to outrank your competition.

Trusted by the biggest brands in the industry

"If You Can't Be Found, You Don't Exist!" - Mark Lynch (RE/MAX)

Have you ever felt invisible to potential clients online, despite knowing you're the best choice for them?

BulletProof specializes in catapulting real estate agents like you to the forefront of search engines directly in front of potential clients' searches.

Unlike other services that rely on costly ads or temporary fixes, BulletProof focuses on organic growth, ensuring your brand becomes synonymous with real estate in your area. 

And the best part? We do 90% of the work for you.

From enhancing your Google Business Profile to ensuring your YouTube channel is not just set up, but thriving with top-ranking videos, BulletProof covers it all. 

Our methods are proven and tailored to your market. Imagine being the first name that shows when someone searches 'Realtor near me'!

"Being on Page 1 of Google makes me proud and it helps my confidence level, just like yeah, I'm a player! I imagine some people are charging $1,000 a month for something like this and I am sure some people probably are."

Mark Lynch, REALTOR® RE/MAX Synergy

"About six months ago I jumped into BulletProof… and like most agents, I was very skeptical about how we are spending our money and what’s the new silver bullet of the year.  And this has been one of the best ROIs in my 12 years of real estate!"

Matt Witte, REALTOR® | WIlliam Raveis Real Estate

Over 400 Proprietary AI Tools included!

Over 400

Done-For-You ChatGPT Tools!

Cut through the Clutter!

We don't just give you the tools, we help you use them!

Voice Assistant Results

More than 50% of the adults reported that they use voice search daily in 2023 on voice assistants like Alexa, Siri, and Microsoft Cortana.

More Conversations = More Sales

90% of Real Estate Agents sell less than 2 homes a year because they can't get found online! BulletProof Real Estate Agent puts you back in control by finally fixing your online foundation, so you can build a sustainable and predictable business.

Get More Listings

The truth is, you don't have to spend money on Zillow or to dominate as a Real Estate Agent in your area!

Getting found and chosen more often leads to more sales!

Get More Reviews

Anyone can offer you "Reputation Management," that is so cliché. BulletProof Real Estate Agent helps you get reviews where it matters by coaching you on how to get them the right way and how to respond to them strategically, to push you up in the search results! The 5X BulletProof Review Strategy gives you a significant boost in the search results!

Get Calls from Sellers!

BulletProof Real Estate Agent clients know ranking on page-1 of search engines like Google, is the best way to get homeseller clients calling you directly.

15 Google SEO REAL EstaTE POsts Per month!

Get immediate access to hundreds of Real Estate Agent SEO optimized Google Posts, which gets scheduled out in your software!

These posts are proven to drive more views to your business.

50+ SEO Profiles Done for you!

BulletProof Real Estate Agent creates over 50+ robust online profiles done-for-you, including (Name, Address, Phone, services, keywords, photos, and videos on all the top internet directory websites.

Start outranking your competition in Google Maps!

An Organic Foundation

The mainstream real estate coaches are not going to fix your online foundation for you.

Sadly, many coaches fail to help Real Estate Agents actually fix their online foundation, not because they don't want to; they actually don't know how!

Google, Bing, Yahoo, & Yelp...

With BulletProof Real Estate Agent, our focus is on your Google My Business aka Google Business Profile. In order to do this, we build and optimize all of your profiles that Google references to increase your relevance and authority.

Passive Income

Besides learning how to dominate and become BulletProof on Google, Alexa, Bing, Yahoo, Siri, and Youtube, you also have the ability to generate passive income with the BulletProof Real Estate Agent Affiliate Program.

Close More Deals

Do less and accomplish more... Join hundreds of top Real Estate Agents and deploy the most successful strategies available, all in one place.

Google My Business Management

The only Google My Business system you will ever need, period.

Google Guarantee / Local Service Ads Course

You wouldn't be Bulletproof if we didn't teach you how to get your business in Google Maps and above the maps using Google's local service ads!

Google POsts Scheduler & Optimizer

15-100 New SEO Real Estate Agent Google Posts included monthly.

COntrol your online presence, conversations, ANALYTICS & REPORTS IN ONE PLACE!

Award-Winning Support

BulletProof Real Estate Agent provides around-the-clock support and customized support to deliver the best customer experience. Our highly experienced Support Engineers deliver proactive, real-time professional services 24/7 to increase your stability, efficiency, and effectiveness. If you have a question, we have an answer.

Continually Delivering New Strategies

Technology is rapidly changing so we continue to notify and train you with the latest tactics so you don't have to worry or think about it. As long as you are in the BulletProof Real Estate Agent program, you can rest assured you will receive the best training and support.

24/7 support

When you can't find an answer to your question in the BulletProof Real Estate Agent Training Zone videos, you can always contact the support team.

Join BulletProof

Get all the training and resources you need to start or grow your business.

community driven development

People do business with people they know, like and trust. Your renewed online presence can open doors for you that otherwise could not be opened.

network with other successful agents

In business, the biggest deals never happen as you sit behind your computer or in your office. The real needle-movers happen through relationships, which is why BulletProof Real Estate Agent does the heavy lifting for you using software and automation.

Here's What You Get!

  • 50+ Online Profiles - Built for you, plus Siri & Alexa.

  • 1-Click Review Button - With your 5 review links.

  • Google My Business - Optimization Training.

  • YouTube Course - 10 Day YouTube Challenge.

  • Google My Business Chat - Never miss a client

  • Weekly Coaching Call - Live every Wednesday.

  • Google Posts - 15 New SEO optimized posts per mo.

  • Artificial Intelligence - ChatGPT included.

  • 100+ Backlinks - Linked to your website.

  • Unlimited Messages - No integration needed.

  • Membership Access - Training Videos on demand.

  • Missed-Call Text Back - Never miss a call.

  • AI Suite - Over 400 Custom Prompt Library.

For Only $7,500.

$297 / mo.

Plus a one-time setup fee of $350.

  • 50+ Online Profiles - Built for you, including Siri and Alexa.

  • 1-Click Review Button - Your button includes your 5 review links.

  • 100+ Backlinks - With photos and videos linked to your website.

  • Google My Business - Management and Optimization.

  • YouTube Course - 10 Day YouTube Challenge.

  • Weekly Coaching Call - Live Coaching every Wednesday.

  • Google Posts - 15+ New SEO Posts per month.

  • Artificial Intelligence - ChatGPT included in the software.

  • Google My Business Chat - Never miss a client opportunity.

  • Membership Access - Training Zone access to videos.

  • Missed-Call Text Back - Never miss a client opportunity.

  • AI Suite - Over 400 Custom Prompt Library.

Join The Most Successful Listing Estate Agents On The Planet

If all this did was get you one additional sale per year, would it be worth it?

Plus, you will earn residual income by referring other agents in your network.

Sign-up and schedule your onboarding today!

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More than ever, we must show the market that you're the clear choice in your area by being visible on Page-1, in search results!

WANT Real Support?

Weekly support ZOOM with our team! Be a part of something special, leveraging the best strategies with the most successful like-minded agents!

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Your future clients are searching for you right now. The only question is, will they find you? 

Let's make sure the answer is a resounding YES. 

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