Give it a Shot! ($50 Value, Free)

Introducing the Bullet.  

Tap to Get 5-Star Review Technology

100% FREE for a Limited Time | While Supplies Last.

Introducing the Bullet.

Tap to Get 5-Star Review Technology

100% FREE for a Limited Time | While Supplies Last.

I agree to terms & conditions provided by the company. By providing my phone number, I agree to receive text messages from the business.

The Bullet comes Pre-Programmed with YOUR Google Review Link.

The Bullet by BulletProof:

Small, yet mighty 1-inch round contains an NFC (Near Field Communication) chip - locked and loaded with your Google Review link

How To Get Your Bullet:

Request Your Free Bullet.

Receive Your Bullet in the Mail.

Lock and Load Your Phone Case.

Start Rounding Up Reviews!

Zero Cost Guarantee:

We're shipping you the Bullet for FREE because we believe in arming you for success. And Free Shipping! Pay Nothing! No Monthly cost!

Eligibility Requirements:

To get your Free Bullet,

you must meet these 3 criteria:

1. Be an active Real Estate Agent.

2. Must have a verified Google Business Profile.

3. Reside in the United States or Canada.

Rapid Deployment

No training required! Attach the Bullet to your phone case, and you're instantly locked and loaded for success. 

Infinite Ammunition

The Bullet ensures you're armed with an unlimited supply of reviews. Fire away and watch your reputation soar.

Trust is the Target

With more reviews, you become the undisputed choice for home sellers and buyers, building trust from the first draw.

How Does It Work?

Thanks to the cutting-edge NFC (Near Field Communication) technology, a simple tap deploys the Bullet, streamlining the review process. 

Simply, attach the Bullet to your phone case, and watch as it fires out your Google Review Requests quicker than a rattlesnake strike.

You can initiate the review process in the blink of an eye by tapping your bullet on any iPhone or Android Phone.

What is the catch?

There is no catch. Order the Bullet while supplies last!

At BulletProof Real Estate Agent, our motto is simple, "We help Real Estate Agents Get Calls Directly from Home Sellers on Google, Siri, Alexa, Bing and Yahoo, WITHOUT Ad Costs."

Our "aim" with the launch of our "Bullet" is to genuinely provide you with a ton of value so we can get on your radar.

Our long-term mission is for you to learn about our game-changing BulletProof Software and eventually decide to "Join BulletProof" and implement our technology directly into your business.

Get Yours Today.

(While supplies last.)

In this real estate rodeo, reviews are your ammo for success.

Start Blazing a trail by filling out the form

to get your FREE Bullet today. 



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